Minority self-government elections in Hungary, 2006-2010

In progress
Project manager:: Balázs Dobos
Research period:: 2007- continuous


The aim of the research project is to gain an impression of various issues concerning the political participation of the national and ethnic minorities in Hungary, doing so based on the main political functions of the elections (legitimacy, participation, choice among alternatives, representation, etc.) and by collecting and processing data on the minority voter registers and on the elections themselves. Utilising the most recent (available) census data (2001), the researchers seek to offer insights into minority identification in Hungary, the extent of community support for the minority bodies, the geographical location of the minorities and their local population percentages, and diasporic trends. The research also covers data concerning participation, the termination and re-election of minority self-governments, and the number of candidates. Further, it analyses the proportionality of elections. Separate analyses of the elections of 2006-2007 and 2010-2011 are conducted within a comparative framework, enabling researchers to draw conclusions concerning developments and trends.